02 05 2012
Direct Help From the Angels, Divine Intervention

The Angel of the Week: Angel Gadiel


The name of the Angel Gadiel means, “God is my wealth”. He helps you to:

  • Maintain your positive attitude
  • Repair a damaged relationship
  • Improve your job conditions and performance
  • Release limiting and negative beliefs
  • Develop a prosperous mindset

If you feel depressed or victimized by life, Gadiel is the Angel to be called upon so that he helps you to release the victim consciousness and give you the strength to take responsibility of your choices, actions and behaviors.

Before facing a challenging situation, you can ask for his protection.

The Angel Gadiel also will help you to liberate the feelings you may have after a disagreement with someone.

He can help you when you are facing difficult job situations or in the instances when you need to activate your creative power and come up with good ideas, solutions, and a good plan.

 If you feel oppressed, worried or distressed by your financial situation, you can call upon the Archangel Gadiel to teach you to develop a prosperous and positive mindset, and so that you are inspired with ideas to find a proactive solution to your problem.

A way of calling upon Gadiel is to go out when the wind blows and ask the wind to take your prayers to him. His name has a big power, therefore saying ‘Gadiel’ repeatedly while you ask for his help it is also a wonderful way to invite him closer to you.

You can also close your eyes and imagine that your request is tied to a beautiful balloon. Take a few deep breaths and when you feel it is the right moment, imagine releasing the balloon, so it takes your prayer to Angel Gadiel.

The Angel Gadiel always answers your requests!